The following recommendation was put together Feb 2003 by the members of the Joint Engineering Team (JET). The JET represents a collaboration of leading United States federal and academic wide area networks, including: Abilene (Internet2), DREN (DOD), ESnet (DOE), NREN (NASA).

JET-wide Recommendation on IP MTU

Engineers throughout all components of the extended JET infrastructure, including its campus LANs, its gigaPoPs, its backbone(s), and exchange points, are encouraged to support, wherever practical, an IP MTU of 9000 bytes.

The rationale for this recommendation includes the following points:

It should be stressed that this is an interim recommendation. Engineers are also encouraged to work over the longer term to explore the benefits and practicalities of much larger MTUs, up to 64 KBytes permitted for an IPv4 datagram and beyond 64 KBytes for IPv6.